The Process

We grow great products, but there's so much more to the process.

At Iliad Epic Grow, we are committed to providing the best product possible. We are also committed to providing the best service possible to our clients. We believe that the best way to do that is to be transparent about our process.

First, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Iliad Epic Grow is a Licensed Michigan adult-use marijuana cultivation facility located in Lansing.

Our focus is ensuring not only a top-quality product, but also bringing social awareness to the needs of the local community with the goal of making the lives of others better.

We are active members of Lansing and are civic minded when it comes to our stakeholders.

A diverse team of experts.

Our staff is a team of business leaders and master cultivators with over 80 years of collective experience.

The facility is focused on the implementation of environmentally friendly and compliant cultivation practices. We do not compromise when it comes to providing the best product anywhere in the world.

Integrity and character are always at the fore in every effort we undertake. Expect the best from your cultivator. Expect Epic.

Consistent Genetics

Our harvested product has its genesis from carefully curated clones of robust mother plants grown from proprietary seeding ensuring consistent genetics.

Plants are propagated by cloning from mother plants from our original seeding ensuring excellent, consistent genetics.

Engineering Success

Precise and highly-engineered environmental controls ensure optimal light, HVAC, CO2, light, humidity, and air quality make up the backbone of our gold standard process.

Automated fertilization and irrigation along with careful human guidance stabilizes and gives precise nutrient feedings.

Incoming water filtration with sophisticated reverse osmosis system to ward off potential contamination ensuring pure water for our plants

Sustainable Methods

High-efficiency, full-spectrum LED, HID, and CMH lights provide high-quality lighting and decrease energy use.

A cut above the rest.

From A-to-Z, you have our support for outstanding customer satisfaction. All product is meticulously trimmed and arrives to clients pre-packaged with care.

At Iliad, we never remediate our product nor do anything to our process that negatively impacts the flavor, terpene profile, or entourage-effect of our marihuana.

Beyond that, we carry a wide variety of high-end cannabis genetics. Be sure to check out the selection on our Products page.

The Products